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These are all previous questions asked by followers. 

1) When you wear a suit is it supposed to be fitted? like the clothing should be RIGHT exactly at the wrist or a little over?

2) What’s a good/decently priced place to find the clothing you blog about? I know Express has clothing like that but it’s kind of expensive. Think you can point me to a better place? 

3) What kind of suit would you recommend a plus-sized guy?

4) what are the best colors of shirts to wear with suits?

5)  In response to the shirt question, what about ties? There’s all kinds of ties out there but what would you recommend as good combinations?

6) what are the types of suits?

7) how do you wear a scarf with a suit?

8) Do you have any tips on dressing up as a college student ? Wearing a suit isn’t exactly possible seeing as most people show up to class in sweats and a hoody. I’m looking for some dressed up college ideas.

9)  Is it better to hang up or roll a tie?

10) Hey, I have a job interview tomorrow and I need social of clothing. Do you have any hint of a certain style that is less formal?

11)  I have two questions: 1. What colour vest should one wear with a navy pinstriped suit and light blue bow tie? 2. How long should sleeves be?

12) suggestions on what i should wear to my high school prom? something trendy, different and a bit of bright color. im just trying not to wear a traditional lame tux.

13) Do you have any other men’s fashion blogs you would recommend following?

14) I have a wedding that I’m going to attend in vegas on 36 days.. I want something fitted and in style. any ideas?

15) what fashion sites would you recommend?

16) I have a suit with thin pinstripes, should the shirt have a pattern or keep it simple with a solid colored shirt?

17) What color shirt and tie can you wear a creme/tan/light coffee(not sure of the exact name) suit? As many combinations please!

18) Any other suggestions of sites that I can find nice ties or maybe even button downs/blazers for a reasonable price? Im on a college budget so I have a limit to my expenses but I do like to look good!

19) “Swag is a dumb word”; “Suits are classy, not swaggy”; “Men have class, boys have swag” If you agree please click here